June 2008

The front – I cut the grass for the first time at the weekend with a new snazzy recharable strimmer that we got from Woolworths.  The strimmer is fab, no more trailing cables everywhere, extension lead running from the house and all that, although it did seem a little under powered for some of the long grass.  Since then I’ve fully charged the battery so just waiting for a day that it does not rain to try it again.    Anyhow, the grass is cut, the older grass not the new bit.   I didn’t really know if I should do it or not, seeing as it is meant to have wild flowers growing in it, but it got to a point that it had to be cut a bit in order to stop it turning into a jungle.

june 2008 june 2008

The back – urgently needs grass cutting.  It is still all a bit mess!

june 2008 june 2008


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