Wild Strawberry Flowers

These Wild Strawberries are fantastic!  I bought four plants the other year, two survived (not helped by the cat!), I was told they spread like there is no tomorrow and they really do.  Now the whole plot where I planted them is covered in strawberry plants which is fantastic as it gives a bit of no maintenance cover and colour down the side in the front garden.   They are all now bright green with their white flowers which makes them look more like they are meant to be there (unlike during the colder months they looked more like weeds in an unkept garden!).   Later on the in the year, the white flowers give way to the small bright red strawberries.

I don’t know why I bought wild strawberries and not the real things, esp as I really love strawberries too!  But never mind, there is still plenty of space for that later on, maybe as ground cover for the raspberry canes that maybe next year we will get round to planting.


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