An old packet of  “self seeing meadow flowers” it said.  So I thought I either throw the old packet away or to just sow the seeds and see if anything happens.  The packet was a good 10 years old, so plently of fingers being crossed and it seems to have paid off.   I would say most seeds have germinated which has resulted in loads of poppies and various corn flowers too.  Probably way too much in one place but then I didn’t think many seeds would come to much!  Still, it is a great look I feel underneath the runner beans.  Possibly for next year I may try the same with sowing straight into the grass at the front of the house…

The poor blueberry bush is spending another year overtaken by plants, I do feel a bit sorry for it as it is clearly showing signs of distress.  Possibly a new location for next year along the side of the front garden where I have been (slowly) clearing the weeds and grass and plan for raspberries and things like that.


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