Christmas Potatoes

Christmas Potatoes

Checking on the Christmas potatoes shows very spindly plants.   These have had to put up with a lot, it has rained on and off every day since the start of November so I am not too sure just how well these will turn out.  I did think of bringing them undercover a bit but decided to leave them to their own devices (also, it was cold, windy, wet and dark outdoors and nice and warm indoors where I was at the time).   We have had two frosts which is showing a bit on the leaves, and with all the wind and rain the plant has been pushed and pulled about a lot.  On taking a look I did notice a small potato that had come to the top, perfect size.    So just another 20’ish days left until Christmas, I don’t think we will have enough for everyone but we should all be able to share at least one small new potato on Christmas day!


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