Pruning the plum tree

before Pruning the Plum Tree

This is our cherry tree that grows plums (a long story explained in previous posts).  During the summer we did notice that a small bit of pruning might be needed during the next winter as it was causing a shadow on most of the grass and the flower beds.  It was not until I looked at a photo of the tree as it was three years ago that I noticed it has more than doubled in size during that time.  It would seem when we bought the house this tree had just been planted, and cherry trees (or indeed plum trees) as they are, grow pretty fast.   The photo showed a tiny tree just reaching the top of the fence and a small part of the flower bed it is in.  When I looked outside, the tree now reaches the first floor window and is the dominating part of the flower bed.

A more drastic pruning was needed and today I spent the afternoon with stepladder and saw being as drastic as I could with the tree without hopefully doing it too much damage.   The task made a little bit tricky by the solar powered fairy lights that we put in it a couple of years ago, trying to spot the cable within the branches and not cutting it!

The garden now looks and feels a lot lighter and larger.   Come spring and summer time we shall see that affect it all has.


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  1. Posted by City4ster on February 14, 2010 at 5:46 am

    From this picture it looks like you topped it. Thats bad. The tree will react like its been in a storm or something and respond by putting on LOTS of new growth making the tree taller and fuller than before. Google topping and you cant find one expert anywhere on the planet who says its good.

    you watch… new growth will sprout from those cut ends and grow faster than any other part of the tree


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