Mel's Mix – The Ingredients

Square Foot Garden Ingredients

Vermiculite it seems is hard to get hold of in the States from what I read on the various square foot gardening sites.   Here in the UK it seems to be all over the place, I picked up 300 litres worth off Ebay which was delivered the next day!   The photo here then shows everything we need to make Mel’s Mix and get started.   I calculated that we needed around 220 litres of each ingredient and so the 300 litres of vermiculite is too much and I could had gone with just 200 I am sure.   We have 200 litres of peat moss and 120 litres of two sources of compost.   We will add to this our own worm compost and I expect we will have to buy a couple more bags too.

The “big mix” will be sometime over the bank holiday where we can all get involved and messy 🙂   After that, I suppose we had better plant something…


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