Spooky Spiders



September means it is spider month, in the garden and in the house you bump into spiders all over the place.   Together with the recent wet weather and it really brings their webs to life.


Late Broad Beans

Late Broad Beans

I never used to like broad beans, but now I think they are great both with skins on and without.  When we had the allotment I would see them growing as one of the first plants for the year and I always missed the time to plant.   We missed it again this time as the Square Foot Garden was not built at the time, so I thought I would have a go while we are growing late peas to do the same with late broad beans too.  Since this photo was taken the four plants are now much taller and have many flowers, so once again fingers crossed they have the chance to produce something before the frost.

Next to the beans are the tomato plants which despite not being tied up to anything is still allowing a good large handful of tomatoes each day.

Late Peas Flowering


These late peas are now flowering and so with hope might get one or two pods out of it before it gets too cold.    This year we have not had any pea problems and so for next year we will extend this to more than just one square.

Red Onion Harvest

Red Onions

Not the biggest onions in the world, but they were planted pretty late.  All the same though, these were the first things to be planted this year as soon as we had built the first bed and so it is quite a milestone.   The are red and they are very strong

September 2010

September 2010

September 2010

Probably the first and last chance to cut the grass before winter sets in.  By this time only the end half of the garden gets sun and its all a good sign to say it is time for another year.   I am tempted to sprinkle some grass seed on the bare patches ready for next year, it cannot harm.

Tomatoes and Onions


We currently have a daily picking of small cherry tomatoes which has been the best we have ever had.  All thanks goes to the bloke off freecycle who I got the plants from.   They are strange tomatoes in that they don’t go a deep red but stay more a paler red/pink colour.    That is no problem, they all taste good.


At the same time, I pulled up the red onions and left out to dry for a number of days while it continued to be sunny.  None of these are massive onions which is expected seeing as I planted them so late, but I am quite pleased.  Being small and being red I am expecting them to be quite strong.


Meanwhile the over wintering onions have all come up and all I am doing now is trying to protect them from being dug up by the cat.  Fingers crossed.

Garage Doors Finally Painted

Garage Doors

All the constant August rain has been my fault.  At the beginning of the month we started work on painting the garage doors, a job that I thought would take a couple of days.  One month later we finally finished!  Having been unable to do anything due to the rain it took so much longer and looking a bit of a state in between.  Each time I thought about working on it, it rained.  Each time I did work on it, it rained.    Even today it managed a couple of spots of rain in an otherwise fine day as soon as I opened the paint tin.