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Flowers in September

It is noticeable that the evenings are darker and the mornings are colder, but we have the sunflowers doing a job to keep things looking sunny.    This and a large batch of Amaranthus which are giving a bit of red within all the green.   That plus all the daisy type flowers, bright white which is attracting the odd bee or two!  Sweet peas keep the wigwams bright and cheery now that the beans have mostly done what they are going to do for this year.  A number of seed pods need picking and saving for seeds.


Amaranthus Points the Way

Last year I had never heard of Amaaranthus until I bought some seed and had a go at seeing what they were all about.   They are I suppose not the prettiest cottage garden type flower in the world but they do the job of being a no-nonsense flower ok and I thought last year that if you had a group of them they are probably quite good.

I didn’t plant or sow any this year but I did sow some old mixed flower seed and it seems that Amaranthus was one of the plants in the mix.  All over the garden then we now have this plant each with their red stringy flower.   They tend to normally weep down giving the impression of flowing blood coming from the top of the plant, but this one is clearly pointing the way!

On only way is up!

Amaranthus looking good

A note to make for next year, plant flowers in groups.   The Amaranthus I am really pleased with, giving something different in the garden now that it is coming the end of the gardening year, and espically this year when things that have not been ruined by the constant rain have been wrecked by the strong strong winds.   In the middle of it all, there are small bits of red flowing down towards the ground.


w18 Amaranthus is focal point

I am really pleased with this Amaranthus stuff.   It seems quite robust and during the time now when most plants are past their best, these are still going strong and putting a different focal point onto things.


w17 Amaranthus starts to flower!

I really don’t know what these plants are, and I forget how come I bought them and planted them.   There is nothing wrong with them at all (although some websites suggest it is a weed), I just don’t know what to expect.   Well, last week I just happened to see an Amaranthus plant in full flower at The Eden Project in the rainforest Biome and it reminded me that its other name is “Love Lies Bleeding” as it is a funny red flower that sort of “dribbles” out of the top and down the leaves of the plant.

Anyway, I noticed when we got back, our own Amaranthus plants now have their “blood” starting to show.


Amaranthus Planted Out

It really needed doing weeks and weeks ago, but I finally got round to planting these things out.  I am still not too sure what to expect, they are green with strange little red bits that come out of the top.  Well, we shall see.  I have planted them in little clumps in various places over the garden.


@Seven Weeks – Amaranthus

I am sure that by now I should have had thinned and/or repotted these… but I haven’t yet.

@Seven Weeks