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An old packet of  “self seeing meadow flowers” it said.  So I thought I either throw the old packet away or to just sow the seeds and see if anything happens.  The packet was a good 10 years old, so plently of fingers being crossed and it seems to have paid off.   I would say most seeds have germinated which has resulted in loads of poppies and various corn flowers too.  Probably way too much in one place but then I didn’t think many seeds would come to much!  Still, it is a great look I feel underneath the runner beans.  Possibly for next year I may try the same with sowing straight into the grass at the front of the house…

The poor blueberry bush is spending another year overtaken by plants, I do feel a bit sorry for it as it is clearly showing signs of distress.  Possibly a new location for next year along the side of the front garden where I have been (slowly) clearing the weeds and grass and plan for raspberries and things like that.


Blueberry Buds

Last year we had two blueberries from this bush.  It was its first year so I was not expecting much.  Fingers crossed for its second year, hopefully we shall double it to four berries!

Reduced Fruit Bushes Planted

They have been in some water for the last couple of days, all looking pretty dead but hey.   I planted them quickly tonight and we will see how they go through the year.   You never know, there might be some small green shoots sometime……

Reduced Fruit Bushes

Woolworths is a great shop!   We did this last year, went in and managed to pick up a whole load of reduced plants for a quick sale.   Last time it really was the dregs well past it, and we didn’t have a great deal of success although I am keeping my fingers crossed that some of the bulbs will show up this year.  

They should I suppose by this time of the year if in the ground have green shoots on, but none of them do apart from one little bit of green spotted.   I have put them all in some water until I have time to plant at the weekend, and we will see.  In total, it has cost 2 pounds for four bushes, so you can’t loose.

Fruit Bushes