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Square Foot Garden in the Snow

square foot garden in the snow

Not a lot going in here, infact the winter had seen the beds being used as a cat toilet which has not pleased me at all. Attempts to stop this and to stop the cat digging up the winter onions has not really worked and we are now quite a lot down on onions that might make it through the winter. A serious rethink is needed then, a way to cover the beds over that does not get in the way. Unfortunately any method of covering over will get in the way, but I really need to stop the cat.

Fortunately, the snow is stopping the cat from going outside at the moment, and so it is safe.


Spring Onion Cats!

I took good precautions when starting out with the Square Foot Garden as I knew normally a cat will come and dig up anything you plant within seconds of you doing it, or so it would seem.   So far I have had no problem, I covered the beds with wire netting and after a bit I even removed all of that as the cats (like the slugs) didn’t seem bothered.

For some reason, a cat (not ours as our cat thinks an energetic time is going from the sofa to the chair) seems to like spring onions.   Spring onions have not been a success for us, we planted three squares and none of them have done anything amazing.   A cat has finished them off though by digging that square up a couple of nights ago.  I put wire netting over the square and also covered other bare patches just in case, and last night the cat did it again. Same square.   I came home tonight and the cat this time has managed to get under the wire netting and dug…. the spring onion square – again!    We seem to be looking for a cat with a taste for spring onions then….