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Baby Peppers

Are they peppers or rather strange looking chillies?  We had both types of plant, but I forgot which was which!  I expect these are peppers and the only ones we grew this year but still probably the best year we have had for this sort of thing.  There is something about growing chillies and peppers, everyone seems to give it a go on their window sill and they manage to grow loads of hot little chillies and peppers.   Ours have never really worked, in a south facing window too which I thought they would like.    This year then I stared them indoors and when they looked like they would be able to cope I put them outside.   I positioned them at the end of the garden which during the summer gets sun all day long (down the road I notice one house has a grape vine at the end off their garden!).   Normal years then this may have worked, but this year was just so wet and gloomy that I don’t suppose they liked it much afterall.

Still…. two years ago we had one chille/pepper starting to grow, before the rabbit eat it!  Last year we had nothing.  This year we have had two pepper looking things, so roll on next year maybe!


Chillies and Peppers Looking Good

These were repotted a couple of weeks ago and I have since kept them in the south facing window.  They don’t seem to really be doing much, but they are not showing signs of dieing either and so to me that sounds good.   Just to recap, we have never successfully grown these before, we try every year and every year we fail!

Chillies and Peppers Repotted

These have been growing on the window sill for a little while and they are in desperate need for repotting and so while my sister was staying with us for the weekend I used that to offload some surplus plants!   From the two pots, one of peppers and one of chillies, I split them up and put them in their own seperate pots.  Ones for the my sister went into much smaller cardboard pots that would then be ready to simply plop into a larger pot when she got home.

To replace those, my sister came with three pots from the same bargain series (£1 for the pot ready with compost and seeds) of more tomatoes, some rocket and some bassil.    These are now all sown and on the window sill while the recently repotted peppers and chillies are doing well there too and looking much more full of life than they do in the photo here!

Seeds for 2009 Started

These pots of idiot proof seeds were picked up from Wilkingsons for 99p each which seemed like something that cannot go wrong.    I am way behind any seed type things and so this morning when we had five minutes to spare I did the simple steps of wetting the soil, putting the seeds in, covering with cling film, putting on window sill.  I’m sure I did that all right.

Here we have plum tomatoes (cool), peppers and chillies.  This will be the third year of trying to grow chillies, they just really do not like us and have failed each time.  Maybe 2009 may be the year of the chilies!

w17 We Eat A Chillie

One day it was small, and the next day it more than doubled in size.   So we picked it, chopped it up, and sprinkled it on a bowl of Doritos and melted cheese.  Yum.

Actually, it turned out not to be hot at all so maybe we should have had left it a couple more days and had it as a green pepper instead!


w15 – Chillies

These have been keeping themselves to themselves but now we have some development.  Our last remaining chillie plant has flowers!


@Seven Weeks – Chillies

I must read up on these as I am not too sure what you are meant to do with them, do I just leave them I wonder?    Well one has been eaten by slugs and it doesn’t look like it is going to last, but the other one is still going.

@Seven Weeks