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@Four Weeks

So much going on and so little time to do things!   I have added a whole load of extra things this week, so comments are with the photos.  It has been sun sun sun, hot hot hot all week, which has meant lots of watering although only on the small things.  Everything else has to take their chance, including the new grass seed in the front garden which is a bit of a pity.  I have watered it a couple of times, but it will come up eventually and if it doesn’t then a top up on Autumn will do the job I am sure.


Beans – only planted them a couple of days ago so no show as yet: 



Rhubarb – needs picking, we have made some pies from it already:


Tayberry – this is a new one this week.  One of the fruit bushes that we got reduced from Woolworths and it seems to have taken and has new growth on it:


Wild Strawberries – some nice little flowers and some small green strawberries starting to show.  That and the two plants are now multiplying like it is going out of business:


Blackcurrents – this is the third or fourth year (I forget) and this year the bush never got pruned and so it is really looked after itself.  Mind you, a good growth of flowers appearing:


Sunflowers – the ones that started it all.  These are no four weeks old and no more slug problems after using pellets.  They are well on their way outside while a couple more are just starting to show inside (to replace the slug eaten ones) as well as two planted directly outside showing now too:



Potatoes – I managed to get a couple more off freecycle, so now we have four seed potatoes in the pot.  The existing ones the growth was about an inch above the soil, so I have now topped it up with more soil.  The next time I have to do this, it will be at the top:


Grass – don’t be fooled by the photo, it is actually quite patchy and the hot sunny weather has not helped at all.  Mind you, it does look like it is meant to be there and from a distance is a nice carpet of green. It is meant to rain tomorrow:


Tomatoes: now repotted and outside:


Chillies – now repotted outside.  The stones are to keep them upright:


Clematis is growing very well, about an inch or more per day.  It will soon be up to the wire and off along the fence:


Amaranthus – I really need to read up on what to do with these:


Basil – growing nicely and time to repot them I think:


Cress – more luck this second time and half of it eaten, yum:


Mini Sunflowers – ready to plant outside:


Sweetpeas – every single seed seems to have done something which is fantastic:


Salad – still growing but very slowly, and little bits of it dieing too, not doing too well.  I think we will put some seed outside at sometime:




Yum Yum Cress

Tonight we took our first cuttings of cress!  Very tasty….

@Three Weeks

We are certainly in business now.  Sunflowers have been outside for a week and while we have lost three of them, the remaining ones are still going.   We have planted a couple of new ones straight into the ground and are awaiting them to appear, we still need to plant one indoors and then we would have had replaced all the ones the slugs had.   We are using slug pellets now.

Potatoes showed above the soil this week and have now been buried under a load of new compost on top.  We will keep an eye on them and keep topping them up until the soil is at the top of the pot.  A long way yet to go.

Grass in the front is doing really well, we have had some warm days with sun and rain.  These last days it is been solid sunshine and so tonight has been my first evening of watering it, with a watering can(!) – it takes about four goes but gets the main bits drenched in a bit of water.









May 08 

Salad is growing slowly.  I think a bit of over watering at one time as killed one or two plants, but we are starting to have some nice looking baby salad leaves:



Sweet Peas are coming up!!!  This is fantastic.  The seeds are from sweet peas that we got off family from Cornwall last year and we saved some of the seeds:

sweet peas 





Basil is doing fine.  I think I need to repot them now, so I have that on my list to do:



Chillies.  Our of four, two have really got going whereas a third one has yet to develop any leaves, I don’t know if it will now.  The fourth…. it is still somewhere not yet appeared:



Cress is much more of a success second time around.  Less watering and it is looking good – ready to eat infact:



Amaranthus is in need or repotting now I think!



Tomatoes certainly in need of repotting!!



Cress – Take Two

Time to try again, who can actually kill cress??!  Well it seems we can, so we have sowed some more seed onto toilet paper and lets see how it goes.  I think last time we over watered it and maybe the stems rotted a bit which killed them.


The Cress is Dead!

Whoops!   How can you kill cress?   I think maybe we over watered it one morning, it seemed to go all yellow and start to look rather dead.

Good job we have a lot of seed and it is quick to grow.  We will plant some more…..

dead cress

@One Week

Sunflowers, all up and growing.  Been suggested to me by a friend that I should use cocktail sticks, lolly sticks, and then finally canes, to aid these things to grown nice and striaght and long.  Off to the shop for some lollies…. Sunflowers: sunflowers Cress: IMGP3824.JPG Salad: IMGP3821.JPG