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New shoots at the nic of time!

I took some cuttings of some daisy type plants the other week.  Actually, less of a cutting and more of a pulling and ripping, I came with the roots too!   It looked like one of those plants that rooted well and everywhere going by the amount of plant available.  I popped the roots straight into the ground in the shallow pebbly bed along the side of the driveway.  I dug big holes and filled with compost first.

Other the weeks I have watched the stems go brown and die and I wonder if people in the houses wondered what I was up to, and I must admit I was going to give it just a couple more weeks until I pulled out all these now dead plants.  But… I happened to look a bit closer the other day and I started to see green shoots appearing at the bottom.  It does seem then that the roots have got themselves all sorted out and starting to send up new bits.  I am sure if this gets through the winter I will be pulling this stuff out in places as it takes over the bed!


Sedium Cuttings

Someone allowed me to take some cuttings from their garden and so I had a couple of snips of Sedium.  I have popped them in some water on the window sill and wait now to spot the first roots growing….

We had Sedium in the garden of our previous house and had a bit of a love hate relationship with it.   It did little during the summer and seemed to be pretty pointless until the autumn came and then it was the only plant showing colour with its bright red flower.   It grew and grew, and each year I think I liked it a bit more.

Lavender Trimmed and New Plants Added

The other week I mentioned that really I woud like to replace the lavender as it had got all woody, but really that was me thinking allowed as I know only too well that my dis-organisation would mean that these lavenders will last for at least another year.   It was suggested that I should try giving it a all a trim which would encourage growth to it and infact this was well overdue as it would normally be something I would do in late spring.   In true form, I never got round to it and so now does seem like a good time, just trimming down the new growth and as low as I dare before I get to the wood.

It does now look a lot better as a formal low hedge, it is still a bit of the mess but at lest it is a nice formal mess.   I would really love to create a small formal lavender hedge like you see in all the walled gardens, but I think this hedge has had just too many children falling into it, lol!

This means I’m still not really happy with it, but something that did cheer me up was the planting of the two small lavender plants that came from cuttings from the same row of lavender a couple of years ago.   I am well chuffed as these were my first  cuttings I have ever taken and over the months/years I have watched them grow into their own bushes.   True, I did loose a lot along the way, but it is simply amazing that these two “new” plants I created are now being planted to join their “parents” and will hopefully grow over the years to fill the big gap.

Lavender Ready for Renewal?

This has taken quite a bit of rough treatment over the years, even more so when we got T&J Little Tikes cars each and then bikes.   How many children have falling into the lavender or driven into it?   It is now looking all a bit of a woody mess and it has a great big hole in the middle (as well as a hole at the end).

To help plug the hole in the middle I have put ready to plant the remaining cuttings that I took a while a go, and I am pleased as the whole cuttings idea was a great success.   But the rest of the lavender is really looking a mess a think, it has overgrown in places leaving it woody, while other bits are missing or crushed.

So I continue to ponder, shall I pull it all out and replant with a mixture of new plants and cuttings?

Lavender Cuttings Now 15 Months Old

There was a high casualty rate but I think it has been worth it.  From last September, we now have two pots of good looking lavender which must be around a 10% success rate, lol!!  Maybe next time I will have more success, having done it once now before.

These will stay here and possibly with the BBC Gardeners World ones, they will replace a lot of the woody lavender in the back garden.

Lavender Cuttings

DSC00074 DSC00075

A bit of an experiment as we have never done anything like this before. I was thinking how we needed some young lavender plants to replace some of the older woody ones that we have and worried about how much it would all cost when I though how silly, we have all we need and it’s free! So we took a number of cuttings, pulled off the bottom leaves, dipped in rooting powder and they are now on an east facing window.

In six to eight weeks time we will see, hopefully at least some of these will root and we will have some new lavender plants for next year.