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White Fuschia

This fuschia is looking fantastic at the moment with its many white flowers against the dark fence and surrounded by the many colours of the other plants.   A am more than pleased as last year this shrub was moved from where it was originally planted.  I first planted this against a white wall which of course the mass of white flowers was a bit lost.  So during the winter I swapped it over with a red flowering Fuschia so that we now have the white one against a dark backaround, and the red one against a white background.

While the white one as done really well, the red one has taken quite some time to thrive and while it is flowering at the moment it is very small.  I think next year we shall see the red one coming fully back to life again.


Fuschia comes back for a new year

More signs that a new year is just beginning, spring is here.   Last year I picked up a couple of Fuschia plants off Freecycle without knowing anything about them, if they were hardy or not.   Added to this also that is was nearing Autumn time and so when I put the two plants in the garden they didn’t really have that much time to sort themselves out before winter came, leaves went, and we were left with two dead looking plants.

So it is even greater that both plants are now covered in green leaves and it seems like we will have two extra Fucshias to join the two we have already.  Both of these too are starting to have new leaves appear for the year.