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Lavender Pruned

From something rather overgrown to something a much neater.  I had to cut into the wood a bit so fingers crossed that it all works out well for next year.   We shall see in the Spring when I next prune the lavender.

I feel sorry for this lavender as it gets a huge amount of abuse, I am sure that every baby and toddler that has been in our garden has fallen into it.  Bikes have gone into it, balls have landed in it, children have landed in it!    So it is a bit battle scarred.


Lavender Trimmed and New Plants Added

The other week I mentioned that really I woud like to replace the lavender as it had got all woody, but really that was me thinking allowed as I know only too well that my dis-organisation would mean that these lavenders will last for at least another year.   It was suggested that I should try giving it a all a trim which would encourage growth to it and infact this was well overdue as it would normally be something I would do in late spring.   In true form, I never got round to it and so now does seem like a good time, just trimming down the new growth and as low as I dare before I get to the wood.

It does now look a lot better as a formal low hedge, it is still a bit of the mess but at lest it is a nice formal mess.   I would really love to create a small formal lavender hedge like you see in all the walled gardens, but I think this hedge has had just too many children falling into it, lol!

This means I’m still not really happy with it, but something that did cheer me up was the planting of the two small lavender plants that came from cuttings from the same row of lavender a couple of years ago.   I am well chuffed as these were my first  cuttings I have ever taken and over the months/years I have watched them grow into their own bushes.   True, I did loose a lot along the way, but it is simply amazing that these two “new” plants I created are now being planted to join their “parents” and will hopefully grow over the years to fill the big gap.

Great Lavender Flowers

This is the BBC Garderners World lavender, just one of the five plants that we have had for a quite some time.  They came as small plug plants, repotted indoors, repotted out of doors, over winter, and now it is time to see what they will do.  Unfortunaly one of the plants did not make it (Fat Head I believe), one of them nearly didn’t but seems to be coming back.   The others are going fantastic and here we have the first flowers which look fantastic!   Later on in the year, these may be replanted to the back garden to help with the lavender there, but we shall see.

Lavender Ready for Renewal?

This has taken quite a bit of rough treatment over the years, even more so when we got T&J Little Tikes cars each and then bikes.   How many children have falling into the lavender or driven into it?   It is now looking all a bit of a woody mess and it has a great big hole in the middle (as well as a hole at the end).

To help plug the hole in the middle I have put ready to plant the remaining cuttings that I took a while a go, and I am pleased as the whole cuttings idea was a great success.   But the rest of the lavender is really looking a mess a think, it has overgrown in places leaving it woody, while other bits are missing or crushed.

So I continue to ponder, shall I pull it all out and replant with a mixture of new plants and cuttings?

Lavender Cuttings Now 15 Months Old

There was a high casualty rate but I think it has been worth it.  From last September, we now have two pots of good looking lavender which must be around a 10% success rate, lol!!  Maybe next time I will have more success, having done it once now before.

These will stay here and possibly with the BBC Gardeners World ones, they will replace a lot of the woody lavender in the back garden.

Gardeners World Lavender Potted Outside

I have been meaning to pot these outside for weeks now, each morning they were looking a little worse from the day before.  Since coming via the post they have been in small pots on the window sill.   It really wasn’t a nice day to be doing this, rain and wind and cold – so we did it quickly in a couple of big pots that we got from freecycle a couple of months before.   This won’t be their final destination, but they should like it outside in a bigger pot for a while.    We added a lot of old shingle from the driveway which over the months/years of it sitting in a bag has mixed with soil and now is quite a nice free draining base for these plants.


w17 Lavender cuttings keep going

These are my own little babies!   Out of I think five pots, we now have two left, each containing around four cutting each.  I decided to leave them together and so really it looks like just two.  It was a bit hit and miss, but I see new growth heading towards the daylight.  This is since they were moved outside.   I took the cuttings back in September 2007 and so the remaining ones have come a long way.  Maybe I will do some more, using the knowledge I have gained from these ones – although I do think we have quite enough lavender now.  Saying that… the lavender hedge in the back garden looks old and woody so maybe new cuttings could be used to replace that in a number of years……