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Red Onion Harvest

Red Onions

Not the biggest onions in the world, but they were planted pretty late.  All the same though, these were the first things to be planted this year as soon as we had built the first bed and so it is quite a milestone.   The are red and they are very strong


Tomatoes and Onions


We currently have a daily picking of small cherry tomatoes which has been the best we have ever had.  All thanks goes to the bloke off freecycle who I got the plants from.   They are strange tomatoes in that they don’t go a deep red but stay more a paler red/pink colour.    That is no problem, they all taste good.


At the same time, I pulled up the red onions and left out to dry for a number of days while it continued to be sunny.  None of these are massive onions which is expected seeing as I planted them so late, but I am quite pleased.  Being small and being red I am expecting them to be quite strong.


Meanwhile the over wintering onions have all come up and all I am doing now is trying to protect them from being dug up by the cat.  Fingers crossed.

Broad Beans and Onions



I have never tried growing during the winter period, so thought now would be a good time while the squares were starting to clear out.  As well as turnips, I bought some Japanese onion seed and some broad bean seed off Ebay.   At the same time I bought the seed potatoes for the winter harvest.  Winter is going to be quite sparse and so four squares of onions would seem a good idea, esp with the idea of losing some.  Two squares of parsnips and right at the back behind the tomatoes are two squares of broad beans with one square in front of them.  When the carrots are pulled up, one of these squares will be used for broad beans too.

Onion Sets starting off


On time… the late planted onion sets are starting to show signs of sprouting.   The weather has been really hot for the last couple of days and the more I look each time the more sprouting onions I see

Red Onions Planted 2010

Red Onion Sets

A bit late for doing this, but I saw red onion sets for sale at Wilkinsons and so thought I would give it a go.  I thought at this late stage there might be some money off, but alas not.   Onions keep well and take a long time, so I have no worries about putting so many in at the same time.  We have four square feet containing 16 per foot.  That should keep us going.

At the same time, we bought a small bucket to collect water and to have by the side of the beds, as per Mel suggests.   I filled this with water from the water butt and within a couple of hours in the sun was was already a lot warmer than the harsness of the tap water.