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Training Passion Flower

Training Passion Flower

It has taken a couple of years to get to this stage, but this year the passion flower has finally taken off and trying to climb up the fence.  To give it a bit of a helping hand  I have put something on the fence for it to climb up with the idea of it covering the fence over the years and making “the bit down the side” look a lot more attractive.


Back from the Dead

Passion Flower comes back to live

I thought we had seen the last of our passion flower when after the winter it just stayed as a dead looking stick in the ground.  A good job then that I was not organised enough do anything about it as I noticed the other day green leaves appearing on what still looks like mostly dead plant!  We had a great passion flower in our old garden and so it is great to have this one back with us for the summer.   It has yet to ever flower for us.

Mirrored Passion Flower

Don’t be fooled, this picture is a lot bigger than it actualy is.  The two small passion flowers that came from the BBC Gardners World magazine last year (there were three in total but only two made it through the winter outside) are now planted in a small wooden planter that I made last year.   They are in quite a dark part of the garden that sees sun in the late evening only and so I have placed an old mirror behind them in order ot make the most of the available light (and to make use of a broken mirror).

Since being planted they are loving it and I do beleive that now would be a good idea to put some sticks in for them to climb up.

A Bit of Life in the Passion Flower

These are the BBC Gardners World passion flowers that I sent off for last year just before the winter.  They have made their way through the wet and cold of winter and now I am eagly watching to see if/when the green shoots appear.   At present, they all still look rather dead and not that interesting, but I did notice a tiny tiny green shoot coming off the one nearest.

Passion Flowers Progress

The BBC Gardners World passion flowers are doing fine outside, the most tender one under a drinks bottle with the hope to keep it slightly frost free.   Two of these I expect to die right back for the winter, the third one might do to.  The big question being, will they come back next year?