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Christmas Potatoes Planted

Christmas Potatoes

We did this last year using old supermarket potatoes we found in the back of the cupboard, and on Christmas Eve we harvested a very small number of potatoes, this was still more than I expected.  This year we have got proper seed potatoes of an “unknown variety” but I am told these have been kept in cold store until now and they should be ideal for a Christmas crop.  I must say, they all came through the post individually wrapped in newspaper, very smart.  I put these in the same bags as we had our potatoes earlier on in the year and here they will sit until the weather gets colder, at which point I may look into a more sheltered spot.

Christmas Potatoes

Growing potatoes at this time of the year allows them to take advantage in their early days of our hot weather so that by the time the cold darker days come they are already up and running.  These will need plenty of watering if they are to get that head start.   The potatoes can then stay in the ground even after the first frosts and the plant on top has died.


Potato Harvest for 2010

Potato Harvest 2010

These were early potatoes but we planted them a month late and so it made sense that we dug them up a month late too.   After the initial planting the whole potato stuff is a bit dull and watering tends to be left to me once T&J have done the planting.  They are always wanting to know how they are doing and when they can be dug up and it is now really a yearly thing to look forward to.   The whole digging for treasure and wondering just what you will find is something then that we look forward to and I get plenty of help digging, cleaning and then eating.

Potato Harvest 2010

This year we have used to purpose made potato sacks instead of the large flower pots of previous years.   It would be interesting to see how we had done and initial digging showed no potatoes which got us all rather worried.  Digging deeper and we were soon finding small’ish new potatoes and soon had our bowl filled up.  On the way Jack made friends with a woodlouse which pleased him as it tickled him while walking along his arm.

Potato Harvest 2010

Potato Harvest 2010

Once dug, the final job of cleaning and an excuse to cool down playing with water too.

Potato Harvest 2010

Going to Seed?


We have had a very hot July so far which has meant watering first thing in the morning and in the early evening too which has given steady growth on all plants.   Over the weekend we were away so I gave extra water on the Friday and hoped all would be ok.  I wonder if that was a good idea as I notice now a lot of the raddish and rocket has bolted and gone to seed.  A bit of a pity.    I am sure that must be part of the reason for all this.

In the meantime, everything else is growing.  The two tomato plants are desperate to be tied up a bit more as they are starting to swamp the other squares.  I spot new small green tomatoes each day, tomorrow I will tie it all up.   This shall rescue the carrot squares around the tomatoes.   I notice pea pods starting, and the courgette plant has two flowers plus is going to swamp all it’s four squares within no time.

The potatoes need digging up out of the pots.  I need to work out just how to get them out from under the bean poles….

Potato Growth


These are actually looking quite good and with the rain and the sun these last days they are doing really well.  In theory they are due to be dug up at the end of this month, but as we were nearly a month late in planting then I will leave them that extra month.

Potato Sacks Now Full


They just grow and grow, the sacks are now completely full, all that is left is to water and feed and wait for harvest time!

Topping up Potatoes


The cats have kept off the potato bags and green shoots are starting to be seen.   Tonight we added a bit more compost to the bags which allowed them to fill out a bit more.  They now look like they are doing a purpose instead of just two plastic bags that seem to be dumped in the corner of the garden!

Potatoes planted at last!



Whoops, we are a bit late with our potato project, about a month late really as these were meant to be Earlies but that will not really happen now.  They have been chitting for quite some time now and I think we can say they are more than ready.  So this evening we planted them in their black bags.