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Pumpkin Tarts – the start…

Pumpkin Seedling

Tom and Jack have a cooking book which is quite clever (given to them from their Aunty Christine I think) as one page outlines how to grow the produce while the next page shows them how to cook with it.

They were rather taken by the pumpkin tarts.  I must admit I’ve never eaten pumpkin so thought this would be interesting.   We bought the seeds, we planted them, and within no time at all we have the seedlings showing.

These will take up one square foot of our garden when they go out and we will have a go at growing them vertically which should be interesting.

Pumpkin tarts are on their way then, expected to be ready sometime in late August early September.


Pumpin seeds planted


We have never done this before, but after reading about pumpkins to Tom and Jack the other night we decided to see about growing them.   The idea here is to make pumpkin pie after the 24 weeks it will take.   Who knows if anything will come from this and if after it all we will actually like the taste of pumpkin!

Here we have planted four seeds.   With our square foot garden being built at the moment, when these seedlings are strong enough to plant outside then they will have a square each.