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Going to Seed?


We have had a very hot July so far which has meant watering first thing in the morning and in the early evening too which has given steady growth on all plants.   Over the weekend we were away so I gave extra water on the Friday and hoped all would be ok.  I wonder if that was a good idea as I notice now a lot of the raddish and rocket has bolted and gone to seed.  A bit of a pity.    I am sure that must be part of the reason for all this.

In the meantime, everything else is growing.  The two tomato plants are desperate to be tied up a bit more as they are starting to swamp the other squares.  I spot new small green tomatoes each day, tomorrow I will tie it all up.   This shall rescue the carrot squares around the tomatoes.   I notice pea pods starting, and the courgette plant has two flowers plus is going to swamp all it’s four squares within no time.

The potatoes need digging up out of the pots.  I need to work out just how to get them out from under the bean poles….


Loads of planting been going on

No time to “do the paperwork” but planting has been going on loads since the weekend.   Yet to be updated are the plans, but hopefully tomorrow.   We have now new additions:

  • second square of raddish.  I am a bit concerned as the first square only had 4 seedlings appear from a sowing of 36 and yet the seed is only a year old.   Fingers crossed for the second square, but if I happen to be near a seed shop and have some money on me I might sneak in to buy some more.
  • second square of rocket.  Unlike the raddish, the first square has done very well and so hoping of more the same.  For your interest, the rocket seed is a good 7 years old!
  • chives have been planted.  At the weekend I made potato salad and thought it would be nice to use our own chives next time!
  • third square of salad! You can never have too much salad I feel.
  • thyme.  While at Corfe castle we picked up a free packet of these seeds from the National Trust
  • two squares of tomatoes.  My plan of going tomato free this year did not work out, but at least I did not have anything to with growing these tomato plants as they were two of many plants from a guy on freecycle.
  • carrots. A third sowing of carrots.  The first two are doing well.




@week 10 – Radishes

A lot of thinning out has been done and I think a bit more is needed.


Radishes starting to show!

Rach will be in radish heaven soon!


Radishes and Rocket Planted

Underneath the towering sunflowers, tonight we put in some radish and rocket seed.  Something quick and simple and short term.  In order to do this we raised the bed slightly and filled it in.   You can also see here how tall the sunflowers are now, with the two smaller ones just transplanted outside over the weekend.