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Seedlings in the Utility Room


From our cookery book for pumpkin tart we had four seeds to make a start (long term cooking!)   One seedling rotted due to over watering while another got knocked off the shelf by a bird (just don’t ask) which leaves two left.  Both doing well in the utility room.

Sweetcorn Seedlings

Sweetcorn is something I tried growing years and years ago with little success.  About 20 years later it is time for another go!   We have four normal sweetcorn and four small sweetcorn.   The four in the front are normal sweetcorn which was pre-sprouted, showing again that wile the pre-sprouting got them off quickly they didn’t keep going so fast.


Courgettes here, only just planted and yet very big!


Pre-Sprouting Seeds

Normal Seeds Pre Sprout Seeds

A tale of two seeds, or infact two lots of seeds.   Two different squares were planted with the same mixed salad leaves at the same time.  The one of the left was sown straight into the bed as normal while the one of the left was just soaked for five minutes and then left on damp tissue enclosed in a sandwich bag.  After a couple of days the sprouted and then, following Mel’s advice, I just cut up the seedlings on their tissue and popped them in the beds.

The result is that the pre-sprout seeds have been a lot quicker than putting them straight into the beds.  After about a week the pre-sprouted seeds have not really grown a great deal whereas the ones straight into the bed are now germinated and growing very fast.

So the unscientific conclusion is that pre-sprouting gets them going but then they halt when planted out, something which I suppose you may expect.   Because of this, it seems to make little difference then.

Finally Looked at the Back Bed

This bed at the back of the garden has not really been touched for years and it really shows.  It is overgrown with grass and weeds and really is just somewhere where the cat sits all day.   So today I decided to finally tackle it a little bit and so as well as a lot of weeding and tarty things up I also removed the old wooden edging (which the weeds just love to hide in as it is hard to mow/strim longside it) and replaced with bricks.   I’ve had these bricks for years and edged the other flower bed in the back garden with them too.  Immediatly, although there are still no real flowers in the back bed, it has made the garden look a lot more looked after.

I again sowed some years old seeds, you never know…

Old Seeds Sowed – Go Away Cat!

The main flower bed in the back garden has not been touched for some months and was starting to look a bit unloved.  So I cleared away all the old and dead bluebell leaves from the other month, tidied things up and then was left with a couple of bear patches.   It is a probably a bit late in the year now but I thought I’d give it a go anyway and I sowed a number of flower seeds.   A mixture of packets that have been laying around for ages (some up to five years old), I sowed them all in the hope that maybe some will germinate and do something.    You never know.   Last year I left it pretty late to sow wild flower seed in this bed and they all came up with a great show and a lot are back this year too.  So fingers crossed once again.

Along with bear patches of newly sowed soil comes the ever present danger of the cat.  After his attack on the herbs in the grow bags I thought I would not take any chances.  It just so happened that our cherry tree could do with some of the smaller branches trimming, so trim I did, removed the leaves and have stuck in the ground over the sowed seeds with the aim of keeping the cat away.  We wait and see if it will be a success.

Sunflowers of all types

While the tomato plants are doing really well, the giant sunflowers and sweet peas have yet to show.   I am wondering if we will ever see anything of these, it was old seed I used (I mean around 5 years old) and so possibly it was not a good idea.   Time will tell, and stil time to do something about it in a couple of weeks if there is still no show.

In the mean time, I managed to get a number of wooden seed trays off Freecycle which was rather handy.  In the tray pictured here we have a mixture.  You can just see the loo roles for running beans.  The plastic pots have mostly Echinacea and they have yet to show, these are a mixture of old seed and new.   I could have had sowed these straight outside but I like to keep them indoors in pots where I can keep a good eye on them.

The small cardboard pots we have a mixture of small sunflowers.   Velvet Queen, which should be small and dark red, and Pastiche which again should be small but this time light pastle colours.    These can go both in the front and the back garden.

I would like this year to be cone type flowers, anything with lots of petal and a daisy look and feel.    Possibly we shall directly sow some late sweet peas to go up the fence.

Seeds for 2009 Started

These pots of idiot proof seeds were picked up from Wilkingsons for 99p each which seemed like something that cannot go wrong.    I am way behind any seed type things and so this morning when we had five minutes to spare I did the simple steps of wetting the soil, putting the seeds in, covering with cling film, putting on window sill.  I’m sure I did that all right.

Here we have plum tomatoes (cool), peppers and chillies.  This will be the third year of trying to grow chillies, they just really do not like us and have failed each time.  Maybe 2009 may be the year of the chilies!

Seeds were maybe too late…

The flower seeds that I sowed late and didn’t really know if it was a bit too late have shown that actualy I think it was a bit too late!  Between the heat, lack of water, and the cats, a lot have not really made it.   They all came up but the cats decided it looked like a good toilet and so we lost loads.   The ones that have made it have come up but are small and their flowers are coming out and so I looks like that is as large as they are going to go.

But no worries.