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Slow slow start to 2011

Lots of promise for 2011 but yet any to be lived out.  So far work in the garden has been little to nearly reaching none at all.   The Square Foot Garden beds have not been touched since last year and remain to be mainly used as a cat toilet (part of the reason why they are yet to be touched).   Before I do anything I need to made up some frames in order to stop the cat getting onto them, and I must do that fast otherwise time will have run out before I get to do anything.     The beds need tidying up, cat poo removed and new compost added on top.  I wonder if last year they got too water logged which is why we had limited success, maybe the mixture of peat and vermiculite was too much for it.  It seemed very dry on top but moist and warm when you put your finger in it, if it had been sunny for a number of days.  But as soon as it rained, certainly  near the end of the growing year, it remained very wet.    My plan then is to top up with compost only.

The decking needs a good clean. not helped by the leaking toilet overflow which has been dripping onto the decking for nearly a year now.   It’s on my list to fix, it really is, but for now it means a rather green and wet section of decking.

You may spot the wood down one side of the garden, there is a story behind that…..   Our new open fireplace is going well and over winter I had managed to pick up some free wood which I cut up and we used.  This was coming to an end when another source suggested they had some waste wood from building sites that if I wanted they would leave on the driveway.  Bingo, I thought.    The large Ford Transit arrived early one Saturday morning and they unloaded and kept unloading.  The van was completly full of wood that had been used with concreting, big thick long lengths, all on our driveway.   The bloke told me he would leave it a month or two before he comes next as it would take some time to burn it all.  A slight understatement, I think we have wood here for 6 months or so!

For the past two or three weekends I have been slowly cutting up the wood and we have done very well for free wood, free heating in the evenings.   The wood is good stuff though, big thick bits of it.  What you see in the photos here then is just a small amount of it (the rest is already cut up and round the side), and trying out various garden project ideas before the rest is either put to good garden use or cut up too for burning.  Watch this space….


September 2010

September 2010

September 2010

Probably the first and last chance to cut the grass before winter sets in.  By this time only the end half of the garden gets sun and its all a good sign to say it is time for another year.   I am tempted to sprinkle some grass seed on the bare patches ready for next year, it cannot harm.

Square Foot Garden July 2010 Snapshot

Square Foot Garden July 2010

This is all about to change as we get ready to plant some of the autumn and winter plants, in particular winter onions, some more peas and broad beans.  In the meantime, we have the tomatoes attempting to invade squares.  The onions which we planted quite late are probably as large as they are going to get so I will give them until their leaves die down more and then we will have either small onions or large spring onions!  Speaking of which, we have three squares of spring onions and none of them have done too well and still have a long way to go.  Various salad and raddish squares have bolted and need to be pulled up.  We don’t eat a lot of salad leaves and so I will not plant any more this year and I think for next I will plant a lot less.   The sweetcorn is large but I have yet to notice any corn growing inside any of them, but we shall see.

The beans are all great and the courgette plants (one in four squares here plus another one behind the sweetcorn in a pot) are doing very well.  I need to dilute some water with liquid worm feed which last year really did make the courgettes grow.

We have had no rain for nearly two months now even though other parts of the country have been flooded.  Infact at work just 17 miles away we had a good hour’s worth of really strong rain and yet not a drop back home.  The grass is a brown colour and I think the whole salad/raddish bolting was caused when we went away for a weekend and were unable to water the squares.  Before we left I soaked them and I think that was really a bad move, whoops.

Snapshot June 2010

Snapshot June 2010

Snapshot June 2010

June has come rather fast!  We have had a lot of sun this last week while we have been away and the garden needs some tarting up at the back.  Most of my attention has been towards the Square Foot Garden with the other side of the garden looking a bit neglected and in need of attention pretty quickly.  I will see what I can do to remedy that this week.  Even though we no longer have a next door neighbour that feeds the birds constantly, we still suffer badly from bird poo all over the place which is horrid.

Meanwhile the front garden is in full flower with wild giant daisies and wild flowers in the beds.   We did go to a garden centre the other day to buy three shrubs which I bought using coupons I got as a christmas present years ago, and have added them.   No sunflowers yet, I decided I maybe was not going to do them this year when I found some seed and thought why not.  They are currently in pots in doors.

Snapshot June 2010

Snapshot June 2010

Snapshot June 2010

April 2010 Snapshot



We have started to make changes to the back garden with the square foot garden starting to take shape.  The old concrete has gone and the square foot garden is taking its place, as seen in other posts on this blog.   A bit of the flower bed has been used up and we still have a rose bush to move.  As it happens we have loads of rose bushes and they really do get on my nerves but this one is different as it has lots of little pink flowers on that stay together when there is a slight breeze.   So I will attempt to replant this elsewhere.  The lawn has its first cutting at the weekend and suddenly transformed the garden.



The front garden has its grass cut too with once again leaving the middle bit uncut and meadow like.  So much weeding is needed here, suddenly they just all appeared it is amazing.   There is no real plan for the front yet but I would like to have the normal sunflowers and more daisy like flowers I think.   The apple tree has buds and small leaves on and the gooseberries have plenty of leaf which I am determined this year will not be eaten by insects and other nasties.   The skip has now gone and did have the remains of the concrete in

December 2009

December 2009 December 2009

Just the other day all this was under a load of snow!  It lasted a couple of days until it started raining and it is has been mostly raining ever since (no change there then).  Today I planted trees and generally tidied up the front garden, pulling up dead plants and sorting things out.

Stormy November




Don’t be fooled by the sun shiny, November has been a month of rain rain and rain, with wind wind and wind.  Moments after a brief bit of sun the sky would darken and it would rain like there was no tomorrow.  Not just normal wind and rain but true biblical storms.  The ground is totally water logged resulting in the front garden being under flood water most of the time, scaffolding planks up to the door are a constant feature for the time being.   The result has been minimal time in the garden, infact the only real time spent has been to stand things back up again, only for them to be blown over once again.   Some parts of the country have seriously suffered (flooded homes, bridges washed away) and so far we have not had anything at all as serious as that.  It is mostly an annoyance for us.