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Square Foot Garden in the Snow

square foot garden in the snow

Not a lot going in here, infact the winter had seen the beds being used as a cat toilet which has not pleased me at all. Attempts to stop this and to stop the cat digging up the winter onions has not really worked and we are now quite a lot down on onions that might make it through the winter. A serious rethink is needed then, a way to cover the beds over that does not get in the way. Unfortunately any method of covering over will get in the way, but I really need to stop the cat.

Fortunately, the snow is stopping the cat from going outside at the moment, and so it is safe.


Febuary 2009

Snow snow snow, then rain rain rain.   Last week there garden was under a load of snow, now it is under a load of water.    I have done some tidying up, pruning of bushes and bits and pieces like that.  The two gooseberry bushes in the front look like they have seen better days, they have not really done anything for the last couple of years as they have been swamped by other plants.   This year I will see if I can start to rescue them.

The Front:

The Back: