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Sweetcorn Planted Out

Sweetcorn planted out

These have been indoors in small pots up until the other week when I planted them out, four plants per square.  We have two square’s worth of normal sweetcorn and one of small sweetcorn.    We watch and wait now, we have never tried to grow sweetcorn before and so it will be interesting to see how we go.


Leeks in the Post



Leeks are so easy to grow it seemed a shame that we missed out this year and so I looked for some small plants on ebay and for £4 bought 20. I’ve done this before and had no problems, the leeks don’t mind their journey and they soon come to full live when you plant them out. Here we have 16 planted in a square and four I have put in pots indoors in case we loose any.

Loads of planting been going on

No time to “do the paperwork” but planting has been going on loads since the weekend.   Yet to be updated are the plans, but hopefully tomorrow.   We have now new additions:

  • second square of raddish.  I am a bit concerned as the first square only had 4 seedlings appear from a sowing of 36 and yet the seed is only a year old.   Fingers crossed for the second square, but if I happen to be near a seed shop and have some money on me I might sneak in to buy some more.
  • second square of rocket.  Unlike the raddish, the first square has done very well and so hoping of more the same.  For your interest, the rocket seed is a good 7 years old!
  • chives have been planted.  At the weekend I made potato salad and thought it would be nice to use our own chives next time!
  • third square of salad! You can never have too much salad I feel.
  • thyme.  While at Corfe castle we picked up a free packet of these seeds from the National Trust
  • two squares of tomatoes.  My plan of going tomato free this year did not work out, but at least I did not have anything to with growing these tomato plants as they were two of many plants from a guy on freecycle.
  • carrots. A third sowing of carrots.  The first two are doing well.




Pre-Sprouting Seeds

Normal Seeds Pre Sprout Seeds

A tale of two seeds, or infact two lots of seeds.   Two different squares were planted with the same mixed salad leaves at the same time.  The one of the left was sown straight into the bed as normal while the one of the left was just soaked for five minutes and then left on damp tissue enclosed in a sandwich bag.  After a couple of days the sprouted and then, following Mel’s advice, I just cut up the seedlings on their tissue and popped them in the beds.

The result is that the pre-sprout seeds have been a lot quicker than putting them straight into the beds.  After about a week the pre-sprouted seeds have not really grown a great deal whereas the ones straight into the bed are now germinated and growing very fast.

So the unscientific conclusion is that pre-sprouting gets them going but then they halt when planted out, something which I suppose you may expect.   Because of this, it seems to make little difference then.

Onion Sets starting off


On time… the late planted onion sets are starting to show signs of sprouting.   The weather has been really hot for the last couple of days and the more I look each time the more sprouting onions I see

14 Days Later… We Have a Carrot!


For this Square Foot Gardening I am keep plans up-to-date on a spreadsheet, something I may share at some time.  The idea being is that Square Foot Gardening is intensive growing, using space as soon as it is available to your best advantage.  A spreadsheet then would be a good idea to plan for the whole year for what goes where and when they are expected to be germinating and growing and then harvesting.   I have in the spreadsheet that it takes up to 17 days for carrot seed to germinate.   It seems like ages since I planted them and each day I have taken a look to see if I can see anything, with the knowledge that according to my spreadsheet I may not see anything until the 27th of May.   I took a look today, and noticed the first signs of successful germination, at 11 days!   All together there are 16 lots of seeds in this square, so another 15 to go 🙂   According to my spreadsheet, I need to plant a second lot of carrots this weekend in another square in order to keep the harvest going.  The spreadsheet tells me to expect my first harvest on the 8th of July….

Red Onions Planted 2010

Red Onion Sets

A bit late for doing this, but I saw red onion sets for sale at Wilkinsons and so thought I would give it a go.  I thought at this late stage there might be some money off, but alas not.   Onions keep well and take a long time, so I have no worries about putting so many in at the same time.  We have four square feet containing 16 per foot.  That should keep us going.

At the same time, we bought a small bucket to collect water and to have by the side of the beds, as per Mel suggests.   I filled this with water from the water butt and within a couple of hours in the sun was was already a lot warmer than the harsness of the tap water.