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Found some sunflowers


A bit late, like everything else… but I found some old sunflower seed and thought I would give it a go the other week.  I have had semi success with it.   I have no idea how big they will grow, but I expect they are mini sunflowers left over from last year.  Time will tell.


Always Time for Sunflowers

An autumn display of sunflowers, they are now starting to go multi-headed too!     Each year they put on a fab show, these smaller different coloured ones are much more exciting than the normal large ones.  Most of all, they tend to survive the strong winds straight off the sea that we get here a lot better than the giant ones.

Pale Sunflowers

It is late September and the sunflowers are having one last go, I am sure they will keep going well into October.   These latest ones have been very nice,  a mxture of pale or red ones.

You know, I really should take more notice of the seed I have, I cannot remember what these are!

Flowers in September

It is noticeable that the evenings are darker and the mornings are colder, but we have the sunflowers doing a job to keep things looking sunny.    This and a large batch of Amaranthus which are giving a bit of red within all the green.   That plus all the daisy type flowers, bright white which is attracting the odd bee or two!  Sweet peas keep the wigwams bright and cheery now that the beans have mostly done what they are going to do for this year.  A number of seed pods need picking and saving for seeds.

Not Too Tall – Not Too Big

The sunflowers in the front garden are giving some colour now that other plants are starting to die out a bit.  Not multi-headed this year, but a nice dark colour with one of two very pale yellow ones.  Not too tall, not too big!

The Wild Sunflowers 2009!

Gardening can be fun but often is a lot of hard work, but all the hard work mostly pays off which gives you great satisfaction plus a great garden.   Wild flowers are even better as you get all the satisfaction and great garden but without a lot of the work.  I do admit, this is a very simplistic approach as a “wild” garden needs to be managed too.   But “wildness” at its best has been the sunflowers in the back garden this year which we have not planted, have not looked after in any way, and yet we have them wild from seed dropped last year and they are looking great this year.  Reminds of you the sunny days of summer (I did spot a couple such days!)

Wild Sunflowers

This is one of the two wild sunflowers that popped up this year.  They are not the tallest at all, but a pleasant surprise – and they are both starting to open up.