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Saving Beans

Saving Beans

Saving Beans

Beans, they are so easy to grow and so nice to eat.  At the end of the growing you can save some seed for next year.   You get all this then for nothing!

It is all a bit silly really as we have enough beans here to plant a field of them next year, but there is something about popping beans out of their pods that “once you pop you cannot stop” as the TV ad keeps telling me.   T&J certainly enjoyed it all.    We have here a mixture of runner beans and french beans.  The smaller black ones are sweet peas, as you can see not all of them were fully ready as they are green and far from dried.  These have gone into the airing cupboard for a while.

The beans are now in paper envelopes in a dry dark place in the garage, away from any mice and ready for next year.


Flowers in September

It is noticeable that the evenings are darker and the mornings are colder, but we have the sunflowers doing a job to keep things looking sunny.    This and a large batch of Amaranthus which are giving a bit of red within all the green.   That plus all the daisy type flowers, bright white which is attracting the odd bee or two!  Sweet peas keep the wigwams bright and cheery now that the beans have mostly done what they are going to do for this year.  A number of seed pods need picking and saving for seeds.

Along Comes the Wind

The poles seem to sturdy when you put them in, and yet within not too long the wind manages to blow them over.   There is a lot of weight in these beans and sweetpeas that are going up the wigwams, and put that against the wind coming straight off the sea over the road – it is not too much of a surprise that this happens.

I will be planting them in a different spot next year (crop rotation and all that) so this may not be quite a big problem as it has been for the last couple of years.  These beans take the main force of any wind coming and as always we seem to suffer from huge gale force storms just as they are at their heaviest.

Sweetpeas planted

These are of Cornish origin, the seed is a number of years old, but each year they give great results so we wait to see how 2009 will go

Bean Poles Erected!

Moved slightly along this year, still using the green and read poles from last.   Ihave not had much luck with beans so far this year.  Not many have actualy germinated which is a bummer as the seed may be last year’s that I am using but I expected to have a lot more success than what I am having.   I managed to get some plants off Freecycle but the slugs got to them a bit.  While they managed to survive they are looking like they have a fight on their hands to make it, not helped by the black fly that they seem to have already attracted.   Brushing them off and spraying with water and washing up liquid has had some results.

I have planted, again, with sweetpeas which are still the same seed that we collected from Sweetpea plants that we bought back from Cornwall a couple of years ago.   Last year they gave a load of purple and pink flowers and so I hope for more this year.  Success rate for germination of these old and well travelled seeds was 100%.

So come on runner beans, what’s up with you this year?!

Rustic looks even more rustic!

rustic looks rustic

The ‘rustic’ looking bit down “the side” is looking a little bit more ‘rustic’ these days.   The sweetpeas grew and grew and with the wind and rain have really pulled it all about a bit.  It is in need of repair, I think next year I need to finish it all off and make it all a bit stronger!

At the moment I have detached them from their roots and waiting for it all to die back a bit, then they are off to the compost.

Wigwams down

It must be autumn, not only are the mornings so dark and depressing, but after last weekend of bringing the sunflowers down, this weekend it was the turn of the wigwams.  I didn’t actauly have to dismantle them too much as one had been resting on the wall for a couple of months due to the wind (which had uprooted the peas and beans growing up which had since died) while the other one was leaning quite a bit with half uprooted giving one side of nice green and flowers and the other all dead.     They are now all down and stored for next year.   I am rather chuffed that painting them red and green seemed to work and so will do the same again next year.