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Training Passion Flower

Training Passion Flower

It has taken a couple of years to get to this stage, but this year the passion flower has finally taken off and trying to climb up the fence.  To give it a bit of a helping hand  I have put something on the fence for it to climb up with the idea of it covering the fence over the years and making “the bit down the side” look a lot more attractive.


There is Rustic and there is 'Fallen Down'

I think we have moved from looking Rustic to looking Fallen Down and ‘whoops’!   The wind and rain has been pretty bad and I’m not surprised.  I’ll have to put all this back up during the spring, possibly a lot better than I did last time.

Rustic looks even more rustic!

rustic looks rustic

The ‘rustic’ looking bit down “the side” is looking a little bit more ‘rustic’ these days.   The sweetpeas grew and grew and with the wind and rain have really pulled it all about a bit.  It is in need of repair, I think next year I need to finish it all off and make it all a bit stronger!

At the moment I have detached them from their roots and waiting for it all to die back a bit, then they are off to the compost.

Sweetpeas along the side

This little project was all about trying to tart up the ‘bit down the side’ and while it is still a long way from finished, it looks a lot better.  The idea of growing sweetpeas to hide it all has been good and it is looking much better (because you can’t actually see a lot of it anymore!)

IMGP5101-m IMGP5102-m

w17 Sweetpeas at 'the side'

I still have so much to do to the “bit down the side” but money and time seem to get in the way.  I have a place for a plant to grow up the fence but just need to decide what it is to be.

Meanwhile, the sweetpeas are still climbing.


@week 13 – sweetpeas

The small bed that I have made for these sweetpeas really is not deep enough I don’t think for sweetpeas and so we are growing by very slowly and I don’t think they will get anywhere near the top – but when they do flower they will flower all the same and look quite nice.


More rustic things 'down the side'

The plan for ‘down the side’ is all coming together, and in a shade of blue.   Last night I painted and placed a pallet up against the fence to give it a bit of a bright looking thing and something nicer than an old fence to look at.   I put a ledge on the top and now we have a small shelf type thing to put pots on top.   

Also for down the side is a small wooden box that I made out of pallet wood and again painted.  Here will be the base of some everygreen plant that will climb up onto the fence, something green with red berries.