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Tomatoes and Onions


We currently have a daily picking of small cherry tomatoes which has been the best we have ever had.  All thanks goes to the bloke off freecycle who I got the plants from.   They are strange tomatoes in that they don’t go a deep red but stay more a paler red/pink colour.    That is no problem, they all taste good.


At the same time, I pulled up the red onions and left out to dry for a number of days while it continued to be sunny.  None of these are massive onions which is expected seeing as I planted them so late, but I am quite pleased.  Being small and being red I am expecting them to be quite strong.


Meanwhile the over wintering onions have all come up and all I am doing now is trying to protect them from being dug up by the cat.  Fingers crossed.


Sweetcorn tassels, red tomatoes and turnip seedlings


The sweetcorn over the months has grown and grown and I was wondering if it was ever going to do anything but get taller each day  The other day I noticed tassles coming from the tops and gently knocking each corn I see small bits flying into the air which I suppose is the pollen, so I did that a bit with the hope that sweetcorn cobs may start to grow down inside the plant.   So far the sweetcorn has needed little attention.


Meanwhile the tomatoes have started to turn red.  These have not been a deep red but quite pale and pastel in colour.  I picked one to eat this morning and it did taste very nice and so I can’t wait to all the others change colour and are ready for picking.   I notice no new flowers appearing and if I do I will pinch them off so that the plants can continue on the fruit on the bush at the moment and not any new ones which I don’t suppose would have time to all ripen if they were allowed to continue flowering.


After a couple of days of rain and drizzle it was nice to see small parsnip seedlings appearing all over the place.  I did try to get just one or two seeds sown together each time but by the number of seedlings I clearly got a lot more in.    A came to take a look this morning and a cat had been and dug a load up which was rather disappointing.  Fortunately not much damage done, I managed to hopefully save the turnip seedlings that had been dug up and have since put something over the soil to stop the cat the next time.   This has been the first time a cat has damaged the beds.

Beans, Peas, and the attack of the Tomatoes

French Beans

Despite the black fly which seems to be covering our garden like a blanket, these french beans are growing so well.  I didn’t notice any beans yesterday and yet today it seems it is covered in them with a lot of them ready to be picked.   We have never grown french beans before but it does make a nice change from the normal runner beans (we have them too) and much quicker to prepare when cooking too.  The white flowers of these mixed well with the red from the running beans and they all continue to put on a good show.


We planted peas a bit late so it was always interesting to see what we would get and it has been a bit unfortunate for them.   Firstly due to me not implementing vertical growing to any great degree meant that the pea plants that could have grown up and up and produced loads ended up meanly on the ground.  Secondly, and also due to me not implementing vertical growing, the tomato plants in the the next squares have grown all over the place and over powered the peas a bit too much.  Shame on me then for not doing it all correctly as by the amount everything has grown, if it was able to climb upwards then we would be laughing.   Instead, we are laughing but in a slightly different way as the photo of the peas shows our harvest!  They did well against everything but in the end the tomatoes over powered them.   These plants will come out now and over the next weeks we will plant some more for a quick last minute harvest.

Tomatoes go Wild!

So as you see, the tomatoes have grown really well all over the place and are sporting loads of green tomatoes which sometime in August must turn red and be ready to either eat raw or added to cooking.   These two plants came from a bloke off Freecycle and I think I must keep in contact with him in  case he grows loads again next year and needs to get rid of the seedlings.   My worry at the moment is tomato blight as we have had no rain for well over a month (possibly two months even) which is fantastic after the last two years worth of bad summers, but with the watering and high humidity I know I am asking for trouble here.  Fingers crossed.   Now… if only I had implemented that vertical growing…….

A couple of days of wind and rain


After a good month of blue skies, hot weather and sun sun sun… we had two or three days of rain and wind.   The result is a sudden growth on everything and a bit of wind damage.   The sweetcorn shows no signs of any corn inside, although I’m not fully sure when they are meant to so I’m not too concerned.  They keep growing and one of them I have had to tie to a stick to keep it upright.  The water has given the courgette plant a lot of think about and that is starting to use all it’s four squares allotted to it, plus put on a display of flowers too which means courgettes will soon be on their way.

We have a number of empty squares now which are waiting for me to find time to replant them.  At the same time I will top up the soil too with a new mix of peat, compost and vermiculite.  Over the months the level of the soil has dropped quite a bit and I’m glad I planted globe varieties of carrots otherwise there would not be much to have when the time comes.

The big thing to know is that I really should had done the vertical part of growing a lot better and by the book.   The tomatoes are over grown and by clumped up and I just hope that the millions of tomatoes that it seems to be growing all survive and don’t get too damp and warm and just rot.  The poor peas are swamped by the tomatoes and while I have seen a couple of pea pods I fear that may be it.    All of this could had been avoided if I had done the vertical supports correctly and we would then have a wall of peas and tomatoes and beans.   Next year…..


Going to Seed?


We have had a very hot July so far which has meant watering first thing in the morning and in the early evening too which has given steady growth on all plants.   Over the weekend we were away so I gave extra water on the Friday and hoped all would be ok.  I wonder if that was a good idea as I notice now a lot of the raddish and rocket has bolted and gone to seed.  A bit of a pity.    I am sure that must be part of the reason for all this.

In the meantime, everything else is growing.  The two tomato plants are desperate to be tied up a bit more as they are starting to swamp the other squares.  I spot new small green tomatoes each day, tomorrow I will tie it all up.   This shall rescue the carrot squares around the tomatoes.   I notice pea pods starting, and the courgette plant has two flowers plus is going to swamp all it’s four squares within no time.

The potatoes need digging up out of the pots.  I need to work out just how to get them out from under the bean poles….

I spot a tomato


I noticed a lot of flowers but then a closer inspection meant I spotted one baby tomato!  The two tomato plants (one per square foot each) have been getting heavy doses of both water and sunshine and so I have high hopes for these.   They are from freecycle and the bloke had what seemed like hundreds of small tomato plants to give away, I wish now I had taken four off his hands instead of just the two.

Loads of planting been going on

No time to “do the paperwork” but planting has been going on loads since the weekend.   Yet to be updated are the plans, but hopefully tomorrow.   We have now new additions:

  • second square of raddish.  I am a bit concerned as the first square only had 4 seedlings appear from a sowing of 36 and yet the seed is only a year old.   Fingers crossed for the second square, but if I happen to be near a seed shop and have some money on me I might sneak in to buy some more.
  • second square of rocket.  Unlike the raddish, the first square has done very well and so hoping of more the same.  For your interest, the rocket seed is a good 7 years old!
  • chives have been planted.  At the weekend I made potato salad and thought it would be nice to use our own chives next time!
  • third square of salad! You can never have too much salad I feel.
  • thyme.  While at Corfe castle we picked up a free packet of these seeds from the National Trust
  • two squares of tomatoes.  My plan of going tomato free this year did not work out, but at least I did not have anything to with growing these tomato plants as they were two of many plants from a guy on freecycle.
  • carrots. A third sowing of carrots.  The first two are doing well.