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The Late Seeds – Result

The seeds that were planted a little bit late (see have had semi success.  They took a long time to do anything, and the cats didn’t help too.  This means that the Canterbury Bell, Larkspur, and Chrysanthemum have not been seen – or if they have they failed to flower which I suppose is not unlikely.   The Viscaria and Candytuft have done better, started off with lots of leave but now has flowers and is making quite a nice simple country wood type feel, especially under the shade of the tree.



Last Seeds of the Year

Only just in time, we shall see what happens.   I have put netting in top to stop the cat digging.  See how things are in 30 days or so….


More Seeds – Too Late?

It is beginning of June, I am leaving it all a bit late if I want to sow any more flower seeds, but I thought I would have a go anyway.  It is only just June after all….   This is all for one of the beds in the back garden which I was going to leave bare all summer but thought actually there is no excuse for such lazyness and so off I went.

I have plants of different heights, including Canterbury Bell, Larkspur, Chrysanthemum, Viscaria, and Candytuft.   This should all bring us a nice cottage garden feel.  Tonight I prepared the bed, tomorrow night I will sow some seeds…